"Convergence of Hearts, Proactive Enablement" is my guiding principle in governance. Through re-establishing unity in society, we can then create favourable environments for our people and enterprises to develop, enable them to realize their potentials and exercise their initiatives.

This platform outlines my vision for Hong Kong for the next 20 to 30 years. In the next five years, in addition to rebuilding trust, re-establishing unity and rekindling hope, the most urgent tasks for the government is to increase supply for land and housing, nurture talents and prepare for an ageing society, realising the vision of :

I embrace the spirit of Hong Kong people to pursue their ideal with unremitting zeal. It is in this spirit that I stand as a candidate for Chief Executive election. I am deeply convinced that Hong Kong people will, with the same conviction, walk this path and move forward with me. In unity we will build a better Hong Kong, continue to implement One Country Two Systems, and let the Hong Kong legend live on.