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Less Is More

Perfume-has always been given the label of high-end luxury, with meticulous and exquisite design and various fancy scent research and development, it has always brought spiritual and aesthetic pleasure to everyone.

For the perfume brands we are familiar with, first of all, the product packaging is mainly minimalist. The prominent LOGO design is enough to stimulate consumers’ desire to purchase, such as LV’s macarons series and the Paris red theme with ice Xili , And sweet and romantic YSL perfume.

How about it? Do you feel the aroma of the full screen? (No, it’s the taste of RMB)

However, the perfume packaging that the editor will share next, compared with the usual luxury style, the niche design has given more brand personality, let’s take a look!

Drops Perfume

This toilet tank-shaped perfume packaging, first of all, the bottle body is designed with glass material, and the appearance presents a drop-like wave texture, which realizes the ingenious combination of glass and the characteristics of the perfume itself. The different designs on both sides of the bottle give the packaging more natural characteristics. Arranging them neatly together can form the phenomenon of instantaneous freezing of water drops on the water surface. The dark blue tone design makes the whole more elegant.

Trèspétalos Spanish Perfume

This is a conceptual perfume brand from Spain. The simple packaging style interprets the fragrance of the product in the form of watercolor painting. The cover is mainly designed in pink, with a layered layout of gradients and renderings, coupled with the appropriate embellishment of the text content, there is a visual feeling of returning to nature.

What’s interesting is that the illustration inspiration comes from the designer’s life experience in a certain early morning. The fragrance of the flowers in the garden is amazing, and the packaging screen also visualizes the design. And such a niche perfume is designed to allow designers to get out of their comfort zone, feel life appropriately, and draw inspiration from it. The products designed are truly “soul”~

Japan Heavenly Aroom Perfume

Let’s look at a perfume from Kyoto, Japan. The packaging is based on the core concept of “simple and stylish”. The product name is inspired by the original taste of plants.

For example, cherry blossoms, grapefruit, tea, etc., laid the overall simple and natural attributes. The cover layout continues the consistent Japanese style, the horizontal and vertical layout is exquisite without losing the artistic conception, and the relevant information of the product is clearly expressed in the primary and secondary text, which looks more pleasing to the eye.

What’s interesting is that the specific patterns depicted on the circular icons are designed according to the corresponding fragrance of the product, and the auxiliary graphics are decorated with low-saturation colors.

Make the packaging look more stylish and fashionable. There is also the material design, which also follows the simple and elegant typography concept, and is full of visual unity.

Pure Sense Perfume

Finally, let’s share a more special perfume brand. From the minimalist white outer box packaging, it can be seen that this is a perfume created for the blind. The cover is a braille brand name specially designed for him, expressing the designer’s visual perception limitations. Sexual empathy. The layered box-shaped structure does not have too many decorative elements on the pure white background, but the product name is presented in a black sans serif font design. The minimalist style has a more advanced texture.

When opening the gift box packaging, the chassis is stably placed on the surface, just like opening a special surprise for blind people, giving them more sensory interactive experience. The packaging of the outer carton is thoughtfully designed into a tearable form, which is convenient for blind people to use. The labels at the diagonal corners display product-related information in the form of pasting, and the use of the same color system enhances the sense of hierarchy of the picture. A simple transparent perfume bottle with a silicone pressing lid design. Braille content is also drawn on it to give this group of people step-by-step instructions.

In addition, the gift box also contains three scented perfumes, namely the “freedom, inspiration, and tranquility” theme series, which are rendered in different gradual rendering colors, combined with the special layers and perforation elements of the bottle body, to give the blind a unique sense of touch. The material design attached to the gift box is also very artistic.

It can be found that a good bottle of perfume must not only have the blessing of scent, but also pay attention to brand attributes in product packaging design, integrate the bottle design and the story background of perfume production, and strive to find a balance between vision and smell. In addition, in this perfume sharing, some of the relatively niche perfume brands will also carry out specific designs for the blind and other special groups of people, cleverly linking the smell of perfume with the user’s senses, so that the products are in a certain degree It really played its unique role. As a result, perfume is no longer an exclusive synonym for high-end and exquisiteness, but also a product with temperature and emotion. In the process of use, users are not only the embodiment of the pursuit of life rituals, but also the promotion of people’s experience of life.